Loanlane Residential Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage located in the town of Menlo Park, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Loanlane is owned and operated by Mark Leaver and has been serving California homeowners and homebuyers for more than 27 years.

Loanlane's client list spans the entire State of California. If requested, we can put you in touch with a past client for reference(s). We are committed to absolute privacy with respect to our company and clients.

Frequently asked questions are answered here. You may contact us via email to discuss your inquiry. You may also contact us via telephone, but you may find email is faster.

How We Work
With some exceptions, we no longer accept paper applications. Your loan file and the attachments must be delivered to us in a digital format, such as a PDF.
Loan Process, Your Consumer Protection, and How to Request More Information Please remember:
We prefer email for client communication. We have chosen this method for two reasons:

Email is the fastest way to get through, because it is accessed at all hours (including after hours and weekends). We respond to 100% of our client inquiries (!) and on average, can respond within 60 minutes during business hours. We will telephone you in urgent or time-sensitive situations, or in cases in which email is not appropriate. Want to send a quick message? Text me at 650.924.1244

We love email! Email maintains a clear record of communication between us and you, and reduces the chance of a misunderstanding. If I write it, I stand behind it. Loanlane is 100% responsible for the content you see on our web site, as well as the web site itself (this site, the software code, and the content is self authored and original, beginning in 1994). You are guaranteed personal, one-to-one service and complete privacy.

If you use the form below, you will get a response, quickly! Not an automated response, but an actual email composed by a real person. Once we have connected, we can then communicate via telephone, email or text/sms.

After your contact form has been sent, you'll see a confirmation in the space below, as well as my email address.

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We'll respond to you as quickly as we can.

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